Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC)


The Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC) is the student representative body of Eusoff Hall, a Hall of Residence in the National University of Singapore. It manages and oversees all student-related activities and welfare in hall. It also works closely with the Senior Common Room Committee (SCRC) to represent the residents' interests and ensure that their needs are met. The JCRC also functions as a bridge with the University Administration, Student Union, the JCRC's of other Halls of Residence. There are ten positions in the JCRC team, each with its own portfolio and duties. Each JCRC member is elected by the hall residents. A JCRC serves a term term of one academic year.



The 29th JCRC



Chng Wei Sheng
Oversees the whole of JCRC and ensures that the objectives of the JCRC are met.


Vice President
Tahmid Nasif
Assists the president by ensuring that external and internal events of the hall run smoothly.


Vice President
Aaron Tan Kuan Loong
Assists the president by ensuring that external and internal events of the hall run smoothly.


Honorary General Secretary
Christine Fu Shih Ting
Handles secretariat matters such as collecting minutes and documenting the activities of all hall committees.


Finance Director
Liu Hanzhi
Handles all financial procedures and matters of all hall committees through the Finance Committee.


Student Affairs Director
Samantha Chew Si Mian
Promotes internal Eusoffian bonding through by overseeing the hall's student affairs committees (Student Affairs Committee, Special Projects Team, Hall Management Committee).


Social Services Director
Keira Kwek Yee Ying
Promotes volunteerism among hall residents through the management of voluntary committees that functions both locally and overseas.

Media Director
Xu Jiana
Ensures the smooth running of the hall's media committees (EusoffWorks and Publications) in support of other hall committees.


Performing Arts Director 
Kevin Yeo Ai Yuen
Promotes cultural awareness in hall and provides necessary support for all public performances through the Cultural Events Management Committee (CEMC).


Sports Director
Tay Yu Jie
Promotes sporting excellence in hall and provides necessary support for the annual Inter-Hall Games (IHG) through the Sports Management Committee (SMC).


Updated: February 8, 2017

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