Welcome Message from JCRC President


Hello Eusoff freshmen!

Welcome and congratulations on your acceptance into Eusoff Hall. The 30th Junior Common Room Committee is thrilled to have you as part of our Eusoffian family. Being a Eusoffian is about pride and determination—we are sure that the activities and programmes that the Hall has prepared for you this year will be an enriching and fulfilling one!

Our Eusoff Hall Orientation Committee (EHOC) has been busy the entire summer so that you will start the academic year with the best possible experience. Through the Orientation Camp that begins from 23 July, you will meet your fellow Eusoffians, both senior and freshmen. Use the opportunity to know each other well, because you will be depending on one another in this close-knit community we call home. As a new student in NUS and Eusoff Hall, you are bound to have a lot of questions in your mind. Your seniors are always ready to assist you in your transition to residential Hall life. They would be there to uncover the answers to the questions you have and providing you with information about campus resources.

The Orientation Season does not simply end with the Orientation Camp! On 8 August the whole university will be giving back to society on NUS Flag Day with the annual Receive-and-Give (commonly known as RAG) Day on 12 August. Eusoffians always do their part to serve the community in various ways and we believe that our freshmen would not want to miss the opportunity of doing something that is inherently Eusoffian.

As you are reading this letter, you may wonder how you survived the tough selection process to be offered accommodation in Eusoff Hall. Our hall motto entails the spirit that every Eusoffian aspire to achieve—Excellence and Harmony. Every one of you has the potential to contribute to the vibrancy and fulfilment of residential life, and we hope that you would find your place in Eusoff to grow as a leader for the future. After all, excellence brings no significance without harmony. It will be futile trying to define the Hall in a word, because we all know that we are worth so much more.

So take the courage to step out of your comfort zone and try things in Hall that you never thought you would. I remember taking up cheerleading in my freshman year, it was unimaginable indeed, but the friendships I forged there lasted till today. You need not worry about being lost as you venture into new things beyond your traits and never fear setbacks or objections. The future belongs to those who believes in possibilities even if the possibilities are not obvious. Eusoffians of yore were there to guide us and now it is our turn to guide you. The bonds you make here will be everlasting, so cherish every single moment you have in Hall.

We believe you will be in good hands and we seek your support for the upcoming 60th anniversary celebrations! EUSOFF TO THE FORE!

Best regards,
Yang Sheng
On behalf of the 30th Junior Common Room Committee


Updated 13 July 2017

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