Welcome Message from JCRC President


Dear freshpeople,


Welcome and congratulations on your acceptance to Eusoff Hall! We have a long history of excelling in the things that we do, and we are all so excited to have you join us and continue this tradition of excellence.


Eusoff Hall’s Orientation Committee (EHOC) has worked so hard throughout the summer to give you a great orientation experience. During this camp I hope that you will step out of your comfort zone, and meet your fellow Eusoffians with an open mind. Make new friends, strengthen old friendships, and meet as many people as you can. After all, you will be living in the same place for at least a year…


As an incoming freshperson, it is normal to be filled with feelings of apprehension for the year ahead. Do not hesitate to ask your seniors any questions you may have, from adapting to hall life to bidding for modules. We are always ready to help, and I promise that we will not find most of you annoying.


Orientation does not end at EHOC! On the 6th of August, the whole university will be giving back to society on NUS Flag Day. And on the 11th of August, our hall, as many other halls and faculties, will be taking part in the annual Receive-andGive (RAG). Eusoff Hall has a long history of giving back to society, with our long standing tri-voluntary services, and our ever-passionate Eusoff Expeditions team. Rag and Flag 2018 will be no different, and I hope that all of you will come out in full force to support our hardworking Raggers, and do your part for Flag, whether with your faculty or with our hall (but preferably our hall).


Eusoff Hall typically has many events planned throughout the year, and many CCAs that offer you the opportunity to further expand the skills you already have, and also the opportunity to discover talents you never knew you had. All I ask is that you allow yourself the opportunity to try new things, and I’m sure you will have a great hall experience.


With all this excellence talk, do bear in mind that an equally important part of our hall’s motto is harmony. With all that we do, and the different talents that we have extending our hall in so many different directions, at the end of the day we all come back to the same place to sleep (during the weekdays). You may be a talented athlete, an amazing dancer, or an excellent committee member, or any combination of that, or even none of that, but at the crux of it all, remember that above all else, we are Eusoffians.


I am so excited to see all of you at orientation. Take good care of yourselves, and we will see you soon. EUSOFF TO THE FORE!


Yours sincerely,


Matthew Tjoeng



On behalf of the 31st Junior Common Room Committee

Updated 5 July 2018

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