Application for Vacation Stay During December 2016/January 2017


Dear Residents


Application for Vacation Stay from Sunday, 4 December 2016 to Sunday, 8 January 2017 (5 Weeks)


The University vacation will commence from Sunday, 4 December 2016 to Sunday, 8 January 2017.  The following are staying options that residents may apply for the vacation.

  1. Full Vacation Stay
  2. Holiday Access


Full Vacation Stay
The full vacation stay option is available at the normal room fees of $110 for single room and $75 for double room per week.
The total vacation fees for the whole vacation period are: $550.00 – Single Room  & $375.00 – Double Room


Holiday Access
Previously known as vacation storage, this option allows residents to retain their rooms and keep their belongings but rooms will be locked.  The total fee for this option is $100.
Residents are not able to access their rooms for the entire vacation although entry to rooms can be arranged with an administrative charge of $20.00 per entry.

Residents who wish to apply for any of the above options must submit their application forms, obtainable at the Hall Office by 31 October 2016.  Do note that the application should be for the entire vacation period.  No partial period will be entertained.  Acceptance of applications will be based on reasons provided in the application forms. The results of the application will be displayed on the notice board in the  Dining Hall latest by 2nd  week of November 2016.  Please also note that upon approval of application, any withdrawal will be subject to a penalty of $100. 

Please do not hesitate to approach the Hall Office for clarifications, if any.  Thank you.
Best regards
Manager, Eusoff Hall



Posted: 28 October, 2016

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