Together we stand, Eusoffians for Eusoffians


Dear Eusoffians,


Together we stand, Eusoffians for Eusoffians

Eusoff is turning 60 years old in 2018!

Over the years, Eusoff Hall has developed purposeful experiential programmes, academic support and alumni mentorship with the aim of promoting healthy personal development, inter-personal skills and responsible leadership among our students.

However, we have started to observe worsening financial difficulties among our Eusoff Hall residents (affectionately known as “Eusoffians”) that affect their studies and prevent them from benefiting fully from learning opportunities at the Hall.

As part of Eusoff’s 60th anniversary celebration, we are organising two fundraising initiatives as well as using proceeds from our annual Eusoff Fiesta and Eusoff Dance Production to raise S$400,000 to establish a Eusoff Endowed Bursary and Eusoff Endowed Student Advancement Award. These endowed funds will provide the Hall with a perpetual source of funding to support financially disadvantaged Eusoffians, so that generations of Eusoffians can benefit from the enriching experiences of a hall campus life.

Other than making an impact to students, donors are eligible for a tax deduction that is 2.5 times the gift value.


1)  Eusoff Charity Golf Tournament 2018

We will kick-start the fundraising drive with a charity golf on Friday, 23 March 2018, at the Seletar Country Club.    

We will announce our Guest-of-Honour in support of this initiative at a later date. Through this charity golf, we aim to raise S$250,000 for a Eusoff Endowed Bursary. Your support will allow us to provide financial assistance to deserving undergraduate students so that they are able to stay at Eusoff Hall and benefit from purposeful experiential learning experiences available at our hall.

Please join us for a game of good fun for a worthy cause. You may wish to support this initiative as a:

(a) Diamond donor (S$20,000)

1 flight for 3 golfers, including dinner and the opportunity to golf with the Guest-of-Honour

(b) Platinum donor (S$8,000)

1 flight for 4 golfers, including dinner

(c) Gold donor (S$4,000)

1 flight for 4 golfers, including dinner

(d) Silver donor (S$2,500)

Dinner for 10 guests (for non-golfers)


If you are unable to attend the event but would still like to support the Bursary, we would greatly appreciate your support too.


2)  Eusoff Charity Gala Dinner 2018

The Charity Gala Dinner will be held on Friday, 6 April 2018, at the NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House.

We hope to raise S$150,000 for the Eusoff Endowed Student Advancement Award through this dinner. This award will not only help to cover hall fees, including meal-plan fees, for needy Eusoffians, but will also provide them with an additional allowance to cover academic expenses.

We hope that you will join us for an evening of reminiscence and fun for a worthy cause. You may wish to support this initiative as a:

Diamond Donor (S$25,000)

Platinum Donor (S$10,000)

Gold Donor (S$5,000)

Silver Donor (S$3,000)
(reserved for fresh alumni, subject to availability)


Apart from these two fundraising events, proceeds from two of our annual Eusoff programmes, i.e., Eusoff Dance Production and Eusoff Fiesta, will also go towards the two endowment funds.


a)  Eusoff Hall Dance Production (EHDP) will be held on Wednesday, 24 January 2018, at the MES Theatre at Mediacorp, at 1 Stars Avenue, Singapore 138507. Information on ticket sales will be announced later. 100% of ticket sales will go towards the endowment funds. See Eusoff’s 60th Anniversary webpage: (

Our anniversary celebrations will see the 28th year of EHDP. We believe that EHDP will bring back many fond memories of your time at Eusoff Hall. This wholly student-run production provides a platform for students to hone and showcase their creative and artistic talents, organizational and management skills as well as to forge strong friendships and a collective spirit. EHDP dates back to 1991 with a production inspired by Japanese mythology entitled, “Kojiki.” Initially referred to as the “Eusoff Public Concert”, this annual production became known as “The Eusoff Dance Production” only in 2001 with the performance, “And We Fall Down – Sins, and Other Assorted Bad Things.” Overtime, EHDP has built its own brand name and is now a signature artistic event of Eusoff Hall. We hope that you will bring your family and friends to feast your eyes and ears at this year’s special production for our 60th anniversary at the newly built MES Theatre at Mediacorp.


b)  Eusoff Fiesta will be held on Saturday, 17 March 2018 at Eusoff Hall. On this day, alongside special food and souvenir stores, there will also be alumni reunions along the lines of CCA groups. You will be receiving an invitation to join the various CCA group reunions at Fiesta. We hope that you will bring your family and friends to enjoy the day at Eusoff Hall. 100% of Fiesta sales will go towards the endowment funds.


We hope you will support the above-mentioned initiatives to help our financially disadvantaged Eusoffians by making a gift.

Should you have any queries, our Hall Office team will be pleased to assist at 65167146 or

Thank you for your generosity and we look forward to seeing you.


Yours sincerely,

Associate Professor Dr. Goh Beng Lan

Master, Eusoff Hall



Posted: 19 May, 2017

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