Sheares Hall Workplace Safety
and Health Policy

Sheares Hall has the responsibility to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and healthy. This responsibility extends to all staff, students, contractors and other visitors to Sheares Hall.

Our Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) policy statements are as follows:

  • Sheares Hall shall promote and provide safety by instilling greater ownership of safety and preventing accidents through safety education.

  • Sheares Hall shall continue to improve its WSH systems and procedures, and support them with adequate allocation of resources.

  • Sheares Hall shall comply with legal and other requirements on workplace safety and health.

Master's safety message

The safety of everyone at Sheares Hall is of paramount importance. The Hall Office and Senior Common Room Committee take active steps to identify and plug safety gaps, so that all of us can live, work, and play in the Hall with greater peace of mind.

However, the Hall Office and SCRC cannot do it all alone. I’d thus like to enlist your help to boost safety in the Hall. In particular, I’d ask you to adopt a SEE SAY DO safety mindset. The idea here is that if you SEE any safety gap (e.g., dangling wire, wobbly ceiling fan, puddles of stagnant water, slippery flooring), do SAY it to the Hall Office or your Block RF as soon as possible. We will then DO the necessary corrective actions.

Accidents unfortunately will always happen. But many accidents can be prevented. And prevention needs to start with a safety mindset. Thus, for the safety of each and every one, please remember to SEE SAY DO.

WSH committee:

Emergency Numbers:

NUS Campus Security 6874 1616
NUS Counseling Centre 6516 2376
LifeLine NUS
(24 hour phone line for life-threatening Emergency)
6516 7777
NUS OFM Maintenance Hotline 6516 1515
Emergency Ambulance 995
Non Emergency Ambulance 1777
FIRE 995
Police Emergency 999
NEA Hotline 1800 2255 632
Dengue Hotline 1800 9336 483
Weather Hotline 6542 7788
Drug & Poison (non emergency) 6423 9119