Go Hard, Because We’re Already Home

If we had a dollar for every time we use a c-word to characterise our camaraderie…
Chipper-faced freshies join us annually
In this clueless circus act of a family
First we have the very curious chimpanzees:
They’re charming, disarming, and quite cacophonic
At first they’ll come across considerably crazy
But look closer and true enough! They’re certainly cranky
Next up, let’s welcome the contortionists
They’ll cater to cravings, bend backwards for Ameen’s
They’re chummy and cosy and almost like me
Except they’ll tell everyone everything that they see
Our resident clowns make up Exhibit C
They’re comical, cartoonish, uproarious with glee
It’s funny until these jokers camouflage collectively
When you must collect from them block fund money
Oh but have you met our caricature artists?
The clever copycats who invented conjury
They croak at concerts and caper like catfish
At Night of 77 Stars they’ll be teeming with rubbish
Here in Block C, we commit every one of these
We are cheeky, gutsy, and we like to be C-ly (silly)
It’s hard to conceive of a cooler clan than this
(And don’t forget to pay up—that’ll be $40 please!)