A red and rad family

Here in Sheares Block E, we go by the call of Eekers and pride ourselves on being a red and rad family. We believe that family is as simple as hanging out in each other’s rooms talking or jamming on the guitar, watching a movie in the lounge late into the night, sharing meal times (especially SHupper!), celebrating each others' birthdays and of course, studying together when it comes down to the exam crunch. Put it simply, there’s little we enjoy more than being around each other’s company, apart from maybe being with our real families. Incredibly strong relationships are also formed on each individual level, amongst our neighbours, whether you are a senior or freshie. You can be sure that these terrific bonds are ones that stay with you even in the years to come. The same can be said for the memories made with each other here. Probably one of Block E’s most notable traditions is our respect for our long-standing ‘SHkating’ culture. Eekers love rocking a snapback (or SHnapback, as we so endearingly call it) and jumping on our penny boards together to ride, anytime, anywhere. We enjoy going for block events to see the entire block once a week and are love acting on our cravings by making impromptu call-ins for supper. (Ameens anyone?) But I think, most of all, here in Block E, what makes us special is how we do not force anyone to do anything against their own will but rather, support each other’s differences. At the end of the day, that’s what a family is for, right?