Cultural Management Board (CMB)

Sheares Hall Cultural Management Board (CMB) strives to provide assistance to the Cultural Groups of Sheares Hall to ensure smooth and coherent operations. We also aim to further enhance the cultural scene of Sheares Hall by providing numerous opportunities for cultural groups to showcase their talents not only in the vicinity of Hall but also to the NUS Community as well as the general public. At the same time, we aim to provide Shearites with quality performances, thus giving them a cultural enjoyment of a whole new level. This will be done through a series of concerts and external performance opportunities, which would be largely sourced and organized by CMB. Our mission is to build an efficient and professional board of closely-knit individuals dedicated to promoting Sheares Hall’s cultural scene and giving all Shearites the best cultural experience. CMB | Confirm Must Board.


Convening is the committee that organises the annual Inter-Hall Games. As one of the most anticipated events for those residing in the six Halls of Residence, the objective of the Inter-Hall Games is to promote fair play and sportsmanship between hall residents through the various sports events over a five week period. Our committee is made up of members from all six Halls of Residence as we come together with a single goal - to run the Inter-Hall Games smoothly.

Dinner and Dance (D&D)

Dinner and Dance is an annual event that Shearites look forward to every year, be it for the lucky draw, or simply the one night of fun and laughter with the whole hall. Typically held towards the end of the academic year, Sheares Hall’s DnD is a night where the hall celebrates its achievements over the past academic year, in the fields of sports or cultural performances. One of the core program of DnD is our Sheares Hall very own pageant, where we have a couple representing each block to take part in a friendly pageant contest of not only their looks, but their wit and personality as well. Another key item that people look forward to throughout the night is Sheares Hall’s very own lucky draw, where prizes are typically sponsored by alumni, which includes televisions, tablets and household appliances. At DnD, there is something for everyone, support your block’s pageant contestants, try your luck at the lucky draw, or simply enjoy the company that has made Sheares your home for the past academic year.

External Relations Committee (ERC)

External Relations Committee (ERC) is the liaison and medium for any external activities that involve the hall. We serve as the publicity arm and face for the public relations of Sheares Hall, providing it a platform to advertise to the public. Also, we hold events where Shearites are given the opportunity to share their memorable experiences with others of being a member of this Sheares family such as the annual NUS Open Day.

Hall Welfare & Amenities Committee (HWAC)

The hall welfare and amenities committee (HWAC) exists for the sole purpose of helping to make Sheares hall truly and home away from home for Shearites. We achieve this through various events that provides welfare for Shearites as well as by the maintenance of various hall facilities. One of our mainstay events would be the distribution of welfare packs nearing the exam session, making each and every Shearite feel that someone truly care about them and to encourage them on in this season - boosting our family hall reputation as well! HWAC is also a constantly evolving and dynamic committee that aims to meet the changing needs of the Shearites as best as we can!

Overseas Community Service Project (OCSP)

Sheares Hall Overseas Community Service Project (OCSP) is a committee that provides participating Shearites an opportunity to bring change and improvement to an overseas community and also to immerse themselves in a culture that is foreign to them. It is made up of fun and loving people that hope to spend their time meaningfully through the engagement with the foreign community. During the trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand, they will be engaging with the community through the construction of infrastructure that will improve the lifestyles of the locals there. They will also engage in the education of a local community through English, Mathematics and Healthcare lessons. Finally, they will experience the foreign culture through home stays and cultural exchange activities with local villagers. All in all, it is a committee of Shearites that hopes to spend time helping others while at the same time, developing themselves as individuals.


To receive and give. The old saying goes that to receive is a blessing, but to be able to give is a greater blessing. The act of receiving and giving manifests from the knowledge that to receive from others, so that they may give promotes the very essence of ‘passing it on’. Therefore, to be able to receive and give is the greatest blessing of all.
Every year, NUS sets aside two days for RAG and Flag. Flag is a day where all NUS students, regardless of faculty or seniority, volunteer to hold a flag day for the university’s many beneficiaries. Monies collected would go towards helping these various beneficiaries. The other day is for RAG, where students would then stage performances in a bid to appreciate and thank all our donors who have contributed to the cause. In so doing, we not only receive these monies from the public, but also give back to society in the form of the contributions, together with the appreciation for every individual’s contribution.

Sheares Media (SHM)

Sheares Link (SL)

Sheares Link’s (SL) aim is to create and strengthen these bonds and friendships amongst Shearites from the various blocks. We aspire to break down the invisible walls between blocks, and bond all blocks as one united Sheares Hall. To achieve this, Sheares Link will be organizing various inter-block activities so that it will provide chances for Shearites from different blocks to get to know and mingle with one another. In semester one of the academic year, we will organize a night cycling event where Shearites would cycle to various supper stations and a famous Singapore landmark where they can hang out together. In semester two, a seniors’ farewell dinner will be organized and it will be the last hall-wide event where the juniors show appreciation to graduating seniors.

Sports Management Board (SMB)

Sheares Hall Sports Management Board (SMB) is the committee in Sheares Hall that is responsible for the organization of sporting events for Sheares Hall. As the premier committee managing all matters pertaining to sports, SMB provides every Shearite with the opportunity to engage in both competitive and recreational sports. SMB oversees the management of all 31 sports team in Sheares Hall, providing support and handling the administrative procedures. Also, SMB is also a committee that aims to establish greater connection among Shearites through our sporting events. Through our mainstay event, the annual Inter-Block Games, we provide opportunities for healthy competition between the Blocks as we unite the Hall as one as we prepare to faceoff the other Halls in the annual Inter-Hall Games.

Sheares Production (SP)

Sheares Production (SP) is a student-run drama production endorsed by Sheares Hall of the National University of Singapore (NUS). This annual blockbuster event provides a platform for Shearites to showcase their myriad of talents, ranging from acting to producing. Established in 1995, Sheares Production has given countless budding thespians an avenue to hone their acting skills since then. Sheares Production also provides opportunities for Shearites to be exposed and involved in the various roles, from wardrobe to stage, that are necessary for a theatre production to thrive. Sheares Production is undoubtedly one of the biggest highlights of the year in Sheares Hall.

Sheares Exposure Camp Committee (SECC)

Sheares Exposure Camp Committee (SECC) sets out with an aim to expose the culture of Sheares Hall to potential students of National University of Singapore (NUS), who are interested in staying on as a Shearite. Being one of the first few NUS Camps, SECC allows potential residents to enjoy fun-filled games while understand what it would be like to stay in Sheares Hall. Since it’s in inauguration, SECC has always been at the forefront of freshmen orientation programs in NUS. A camp steep in heritage and history, SECC remains the number one camp of choice for freshmen seeking a glimpse into the life as a Shearite.

Sheares Welcome and Orientation Camp Committee (SWOC)

Every year, Sheares Welcome and Orientation Camp (SWOC) formally welcomes all freshmen to Sheares Hall, as well as welcomes all seniors to come back.
It is a camp filled with lots of fun, wonderful memories, friendship and love.
It marks the official beginning of everyone’s journey in Sheares Hall.
It prepares every freshman for the upcoming year of awesomeness in Sheares.
It orientates freshmen with Sheares culture and makes every freshman a true Shearite from this moment onwards.
It is a camp that aims for nothing but the freshmen’s best experience.
It is SWOC.
It is the legendary orientation camp in NUS.
It is the camp that connects every Shearite.

Voluntary Corps (VC)

Sheares Hall Voluntary Corps (SHVC) is a committee that aims to encourage volunteerism among Shearites by providing them the relevant opportunities and avenues for them to be exposed and participate in voluntary work. These events/ activities are designed to benefit the less fortunate and equally importantly, allow fellow Shearites to learn the value to giving back to the society through interacting with the beneficiaries. We have different events throughout the academic year, serving different communities from children to elderly. Through all these events we hope to impact both our beneficiaries and volunteers by leaving smiles, warming hearts.