Sheares Hall has a total of 18 sports this year, with the addition of Tchoukball. Every year, sports teams from each hall will be vying for the top place in the Inter-Hall Games (IHG). It is one of the most important events of the year where Shearites will cheer for our hall as one, as they watch their neighbours play their hearts out on court. The ‘Sea of Orange’ gives the sportsmen immense support to spur them on every game. Every year, we aim to better ourselves and play our best. The sports teams in this hall are like no other; as we place a strong emphasis on friendship and unity. Every Shearite is encouraged to pick up a new sport, even for those without prior experience.

Badminton M
Han Wei Yang Shaun
Badminton F
Chia Xue Yin
Basketball M
Tan Reng Tian
Basketball F
Tan Yu Xuan
Floorball M
Ong Kai Li
Floorball F
Loo Soong Qi Jodie
Colin Ng Boon Yeow
Handball M
Nicholas Lau Zong Xian
Handball F
Savannah Siew Kiah Hui
Seow Jing Ying (Joie)
Road Relay M
Wyn K Heng
Sepak Takraw
Sia Ke Xun
Looi Yee Tat
Soccer M
Muhammad Syafiq Bin Bidin
Soccer F
Clarice Lim Zi Ling
Squash M
Marcus Ee Ting Gen
Squash F
Cheong Jie Qi
Swimming M
Samuel Tan Jun Jie
Swimming F
Alicia Sim Shi Jie
Table Tennis M
Lee Hao Zhe
Table Tennis F
Eronica Lim Seok Ping
Hewitt Tanama
Tennis M
Lim Yanxiang Louis
Tennis F
Claudia Lee Xing Er
Touch Rugby M
Alvin Setiawan
Touch Rugby F
Adelynn Tan Yu Xiu
Tan Su-Wen Cheryl
Volleyball M
Lee Xuheng Wayne
Volleyball F
Han Heng Hwee