From mid-July to 31 Aug, 12 noon
  • Application for mentees
  • All interested students should submit an online application.

    5 Sep – 7 Sep
  • Group interview for mentees
  • Briefing for mentees
  • Shortlisted students may be invited for a group interview, and are required to attend a briefing.

    8 Sep
  • Welcome Dinner

  • 19 Sep – 23 Sep
  • Matching
  • Participants to state preference for mentors/mentees (within 3 working days from the Welcome Dinner).

    Matching Process:
  • Mentors may state a preference for the kind of mentees they are interested to engage (e.g. in terms of gender, Faculty, etc.). For selected mentors, their profiles will be shared with the undergraduate students residing at the residential colleges.

  • Mentees, on the other hand, may also state their preferred mentors[1] (up to three). This will be done after the Welcome Dinner.

  • NUS and NUSS will conduct the matching thereafter. The matching will be based on mentee’s preferences first, follow by mentor’s preferences and other relevant information such as relevance of mentor’s expertise and mentee’s academic major.

  • 26 Sep – 30 Sep
  • The matching outcome will be sent to the mentors and mentees via email.
  • Requests for a different match should preferably be made after the first meeting between the mentor and mentee.

  • 3 Oct – 7 Oct
  • Confirmation of match

  • The mentorship programme will begin in Oct 2016 and end in Sep 2017.

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