The primary vehicle of delivery in SFI2 is the modulet. The modulet draws from the typical NUS module, with the exception that it takes place over a shorter period of time (between 2 to 4 weeks) rather than the full semester of 13 weeks. Like a module, there will be contact time (a target if 3 hours per week). A modulet will have its own specified learning outcomes, which in turn will direct what it covers, the pedagogies it adopts, and any relevant assignments/assessments needed. As many of these modulets target future-readiness and the likely requirements of the workplace, we will seek inputs from relevant experts (e.g., HR trainers) on what should be covered.

Module Title: Fundamentals of Effective Management Budget and Managing Money Minutes writing workshop
Target Group: President and/or Chair of various committees Treasurers of various committees Secretary of various committees
  • Discovering leadership styles
  • Coaching others for performance
  • Strategies for managing and coping with conflicts and difficult situations
  • To apply the basics of accounting
  • Look at financial reports
  • Track expenses
  • Develop good budget
  • Decision-making skills
  • Filing methods
  • Reimbursement methods
  • Purpose
  • Different style of minutes
  • Language usage
  • Format
  • Listening
  • Follow-up